We’re happy to offer the following packages at the lowest rates possible from Ore Global.


1. Social Media Monthly Design Package – MVR 7,950 per month.
This package is for businesses who just need content for their existing business strategy during this pandemic.

  • The Social Media Package package includes:
    – Up to 20 feed posts for Instagram, Facebook & Twitter
    – Up to 15 sales-focused story posts
    – A basic inquiry management SOP


2. Strategic Consultancy Assessment – MVR 8,850
This assessment is for businesses who may need to generate more revenue or devise a new strategy to sustain itself during this time.

  • The Strategic Consultancy Package includes:
    – Research & conclusion of way forward + viability assessment
    – A risk assessment document
    – A minimum viable solution to run social media in-house


Please note that we will finalise your quotation individually and we are also happy to customise these based on your requirements.