After a rigorous year absolutely packed with local projects concluded in December 2019, Zayan, CEO/founder of the business (formerly known as just “Ore” as a sole proprietorship), headhunted three individuals from across the globe to join the team at Ore Global. Yazdan, Thauma & Anan are people Zayan had known for quite some time and this felt like the best opportunity to create the “dream team”, as he mentioned. Zayan mentioned that he wanted Ore Global to focus on larger projects and consulting internationally would do them a lot of good, as many Maldivian companies were not ready for digital change or to invest in revenue generation technology, despite the few but conglomerate-level successes Ore had that year.

As soon as the team had finished their induction process at Ore Global, Covid-19 brought the entire world to a massive halt. Times were tough, as many clients began to fall under heavy financial pressure at the time. This was a pivotal moment for the team, as a change was being called for. During the lockdown, the team got more time than ever, to re-structure, plan from scratch and just start from square one.

Ore Global formed new partnerships in artificial intelligence & machine learning, hospitality experts, an online influencer vetting software and many others.

The future looks bright and the team is now ready to take on the world. Here’s to a new start as Ore Global Pvt Ltd (aka. Ore Global LLC).