What was the
whole oredea?

Where it all began.

After working at multiple local businesses & the public sector which focused on supporting businesses through an Asian Development Bank consultancy position, Zayan, the founder of Ore, embarked on his journey through consulting for businesses in the Maldives. Zayan worked for multiple resorts & guest houses, cafe’s, restaurants, service providers, public companies and governmental entities as well.

Soon after juggling multiple jobs and teaching graphic design, Zayan connected the dots between the resources he had at the time. That’s when Ore was launched on the 6th of October, 2017. Ore hosted its launch event, empowering artists at an event called “Kairos”. An event had never been planned in the same manner before. VIPs and successful celebrities showed up in support of the event, that’s when Ore was successfully launched.

Ore's 2020 focuses

Creative work
Risk management & planning
Industry leading projects
Develop brand success equations

Past Clients